Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar

Fine dining at the heart of Reykjavík

Fröken Reykjavík Kitchen & Bar – a unique experience

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Within the art deco styled restaurant you can find a vibrant bar, wine room, stunning winter garden and an open kitchen were you can watch the chefs prepare your meal.


Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar

The menu offers modern north European cuisine made with emphasis on local ingredients.

Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar Fröken Reykjavík kitchen & Bar


Canadian lobster

Fermented fennel sauce, radishes, roasted garlic, toasted sunflower seeds

4.200 kr

Cured cod

Nordic wasabi, salted lemons, cucumbers

2.900 kr

Lumpfish roe

Sour cream, chives, freshly baked blinis

2.800 kr

White Asparagus (V)

Asparagus cream, dill, lemon, vegan roe, crispy bread

2.800 Kr

Lamb tartar

Lovage, Jerusalem artichokes, dried egg yolks, pickled onions, mustard seeds

3.200 kr

Main Courses

Fröken Reykjavík Feast

3 starters for sharing Shrimps | Lamb tartar | Scallops Ribeye with sunchokes, mushrooms, fermented garlic and demi-glace with black currant | Omnom chocolate ganache and stone bramble berries

13.900 Kr per person

Butter-fried lemon sole (G, L)

Celeriac, capers, dashi beurre blanc

4.750 kr

Grilled wolffish

White asparagus, angelica, blue mussel sauce, sorrel

4.750 Kr

Steamed halibut and scallops

Carrots, green peas, sea buckthorn berries, red wine glaze

4.750 kr

Grilled beef ribeye

Potatoes, onions cooked in beef fat, chimichurri

7.700 kr

Slow roasted lamb (L)

Slow roasted lamb heart, beetroot, rhubarb, lamb sauce

6.900 kr

Jerusalem artichokes gnocchi

Fermented Jerusalem artichokes, salt baked onions, chervil pesto, king mushroom oil

4.590 kr

Side Dishes

Fried potatoes

Fermented potato foam, arctic thyme

1.500 kr


Sea buckthorn berries, malted nuts

1.500 kr

Confit cooked leeks

Mustard vinaigrette

1.500 kr

Barley (G)

1000 day gouda cheese

1.500 kr


Icelandic strawberries (G,L)

Milk, birch, vanilla

2.500 kr

Skyr from Erpstaðir

Pears, white chocolate

2.500 kr

Rhubarb (G,V)

Lemon cake, almonds, vanilla cream

2.500 kr

Brambleberry sorbet

Omnom chocolate mousse, crunchy oats

2.500 kr