Fröken Reykjavík Menu

Drinks menu

Brunch Buffet

Cold Dishes

Freshly Baked Bread Selection with Spreads | Smoked Salmon with Horseradish Sauce | Slow-Cooked Beef Thigh with Pickled Cucumber and Crispy Shallots | Shrimp Chimichurri with Fennel Salad | Cucumber, Tomato, and Red Onion Salad | Cheese Platter with Homemade Berry Jam | Fresh Fruit Platter | Assorted Ham, Salami, and Cheese | Skyr and Granola Bar | Chia Porridge.

6.900 Kr. per person

Hot dishes

Slow-Cooked Glazed Pork Neck | Grilled Lamb Thigh | Salmon Teriyaki | Beet Patties | Scrambled eggs, Fried Eggs, Bacon, and Sausages.


Roasted Root Vegetables | Apple and Beet Salad | Quinoa Salad

Sweet treats

Cinnamon Rolls with Glaze | Chocolate Brownie | Pancakes with Syrup and Nutella | Lemon Sponge Cake with Vanilla Cream.

Brunch with drinks included

Juice | Coffee | Gull lite beer | Mimosa | Sparkling wine | Peroni 0% | Bríó 0%.

8.400 kr. per person


Fröken Reykjavík Meze

Grilled flatbread | Cheese and seeds cracker | Smoked skyr with angelica oil | Hummus with baked garlic | Goat cheese spread with honey

3.500 kr

Rock crab & langoustine broth

Root vegetables, smoked cream

3.200 kr

Scallops from Vestfjords

Labneh, pasnip, double smoked lamb, pine tree vinaigrette

3.200 kr

Lightly cooked arctic char

Beetroots, horseradish, apples, dill

3.200 kr

Lamb tartare

Lovage, sunchokes, cured egg yolk, pickled shallots, mustard seeds

3.400 Kr

Wild mushroom bisque

Fried mushrooms, root vegetables, mushroom biscuit

2.800 kr

Main Courses

Fröken Reykjavík Feast

Rock crab & langoustine broth | Lamb tartare | Scallops Charcoal grilled beef tenderloin | Mandarine & almonds

13.900 per person / 25.900 with wine pairing

Butter-fried lemon sole

Celeriac, capers, dashi beurre blanc

4.750 kr

Lightly salted cod

Turnip, oyster mushroom, kale, spring onion, yuzu hollandaise

4.750 Kr

Charcoal grilled beef tenderloin

mushroom, caramelized potatoes, beef demi glace

8.200 kr

Slow cooked hip of lamb

Beetroots, potatoes, lamb sauce with Icelandic blueberries

6.900 kr

Miso grilled eggplant

Creamy barley, bears onion, sunchokes, parmesan

4.590 kr

Side Dishes

Salt baked beetroots

Beetroot purée, Wild thyme salt

1.500 kr

Fried oyster mushrooms

Ponzu, spring onion

1.500 kr

Creamy barley

Sunchokes, parmesan

1.500 kr


Mandarin & almonds

Almond cake, mandarin mousse, mandarins, cinnamon

2.500 kr

Date cake

Cashew ice cream, rom caramel, pecan nuts

2.500 kr

Chocolate ganache

Marinated blueberries, blueberrie sorbet, crumble

2.500 kr